Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving in Vermont.

We had a fabulous turkey day this year, we actually got to celebrate twice which is always a plus. I mean really, the more food the better.

On actual Thanksgiving, I was slaving away at the nursing home so I came home to eat at the neighbors apartment. It was very nice to come home, change, and eat. Without having to do one bit of work. My favorite kind of holiday.

The next morning we headed out to Vermont to celebrate the holiday weekend with my brother,  sister-in-law, and friends Matthew and Liz. They have a fabulous house and a crazy golden-doodle named Silas. We mostly ate and drank and had a lazy weekend watching football on the couch. We had such a great time, and it was topped off by a huge thanksgiving feast and a little bit of snow.

Also, can I talk about how jealous I am of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical center. It looks like a convention center, that happens to take care of sick people. I mean, its got nothing on The Maine General, Waterville campus….but still pretty fabulous. They even have a bank inside. and a travel agency. you know, just in case you need to plan a trip before you have your gallbladder taken out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wtf were we thinking?

My loving husband had got it in his head that we were going to hike Mt. Katadhin (Fyi, I will probably spell this differently every time I type it. in fact, i shall call it Mt. K). This is the highest point in Maine, the elevation is 13 feet short of a mile. Which honestly once we got to the top just kinda pissed me off. they should have built something 13 feet high at the top, that we could have climbed so say we climbed a mile. but whatever. Patrick had made reservations at a “hotel” in milonocket ( again, probably spelled wrong). The whole drive he was telling me, its just one night. We wont be there for very long. He was preparing me for this…IMG_0969  A motor lodge. eww. Staying there was as horrible as you could imagine. The person above us weighed 400lbs, sounded like they were going to break the floor and crush us to death. And, they also didn’t sleep because the stomped around all freaking night. This fine experience was topped of by people yelling in the hallway at all hours of the night. If you look closely you can see why people were so loud, there were 25 cent natty lights at the attached bar. I think people came from all over, booked themselves a room and then proceeded to get hammered.

With a 4:45 wake up call, we were going on little sleep. but, we headed out with headlamps and flash lights. You have to get to the national park early, or else they give away your parking spot. Which you have to book weeks in advance. Also, we didn’t know how long this adventure would take so we figured we should start early. We hiked 5 miles up. I thought I was going to die. After scaling up the side of a mountain, we reach the top which I mistakenly thought was the end. But little did I know we still had another mile to go to the peak. The reason I didn’t know was because we couldn’t see the peak, why you ask? That’s because it was snowing, 50mph wind gusts, and we were in a freaking cloud.

With some encouragement, and some cuss words on my behalf we made it to the top. It was absolutely freezing. And we couldn’t see anything, just the sign that said we had made it to the top. It took quite an effort to get our picture taken, because there was a man proposing, and a Korean film crew trying to video tape the whole thing. All the while screaming, about making a nice DVD. This was all very sweet, but they needed to get the hell out of the way. I wasn’t going to stand there forever, I wanted to take my picture and get on my way. I was pretty sure hyp0thermia was setting in and I really wanted to keep all of my fingers.

So after taking a picture, we headed on our way out of the clouds. I promptly fell on my butt, cried a little, and then started our descent off the mountain. You would think going down would be easier, but it really wasn’t. The whole path is rocks, so you have to be careful. the WHOLE 10 miles. so toward the end, i of course end up tripping and falling because my feet and legs just no longer work. I cannot physically lift my feet off the ground. But, we survived and I can say that 2 weeks later I am glad we did it. although, there is absolutely no way I am doing it again.

CIMG2839 5:30, starting out our adventure.

CIMG2841 sunrise and freezing.

CIMG2846 my cute little hiker.

CIMG2849 rock climbing. for 5 miles. omg.

CIMG2869 strait up hill.

CIMG2871 me, being super happy.

CIMG2886 very safe.

CIMG2890 thank the lord, we made it.

CIMG2913 I saw this once we had already been to the top.

IMG_0964 we survived! exhausted, but alive.

How bout them apples

Ill start off by saying, that my computer is officially crap. I have an issue with technology and Patrick decided it might be a good idea to retire my computer for the time being before I throw it out the window.

So anyways, steve-o and Kpo came to visit a few weeks ago. We met up with them in Freeport in the pouring rain.The whole outdoor outlet mall is a lot more charming when it is not raining. After drying out we cooked some Lobsters for dinner, which we are becoming professional lobster murderers. Once again we bought them from a shack on the side of the road. This is a totally acceptable practice up here, but if someone was selling seafood on the side of the road in Marietta I would assume that it has some type of poison.

On Saturday we went to pick some apples at a pick your own farm around here. It was such a nice day out, and I felt very new englandy picking my own apples.

CIMG2817 here is a picture of the apple trees. Does anyone else think its weird that apples grow on trees?

CIMG2822  I was a professional apple picker.

After picking more apples than we knew what to do with, we headed to a pub in downtown Skowhegan and sat outside overlooking the river for some lunch. It was a cute little place. It came complete with entertainment in the form of what I am assuming was a homeless man and his homeless friend. It was sad, I suppose. This crazy- kept talking about how he DOVE, not jumped, off of the bridge over the river. Ok, if he had really done that, I'm pretty sure he would not have been standing there, alive, telling us that story. Thank the lord he decided to bother another table of people because I really just wanted to enjoy my chicken cesar wrap.

In true Porter fashion we had some Mexican for dinner, completing our trend of eating our way through the weekend. It was such a short trip but it was so good to see my parents!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Abby goes to Boston

So Patrick had a continuing education course on Implant dentistry in Boston this week. This trip was funded by the government, thank you Togus VA hospital. We even drove a government Impala, which kinda sounded like the wheels were going to fly off, but its not our car so I dealt. Also, it is a government vehicle, so what did I expect.

The Sheraton in downtown is a pet friendly hotel, so of course we brought Abby. Although, I'm pretty sure pet friendly means having a yorkie in your purse. Not an 80 golden retriever. But they didn't specify. Their fault, not ours. Hauling the dog brought its own challenges but I had a good time hanging out with the pup. She rode the elevator, the subway, met some homeless people (which according to Jinks on MTV, they actually prefer to be called “houseless”) got snuck into an apartment, and ate dinner and lunch outside tied up to a fence or a tree, depending on what was available. She was even there with me when I got talked into “adopting” a child from a 3rd world country, I mean for only $22 a month they can get health care and go to a private school! Patrick did not understand this argument, and I didn’t do quite as good of a job selling the idea as the guy on the street. Basically, I had to un-adopt a poor child. Not a super fun phone call to make.

Anyways, we had a really good time. Visiting with Dan and Lindsey and just hanging out in the city, with a dog in tow.

Here are a few pictures from our adventure!

harvard Abby rode the T, like a champ. People either loved her or were wondering what the hell she was going on the subway.

au bon pan Lindsey and I had lunch outside, sammies with Boarshead meat. Lord, I miss good sandwich meat. Abby sat on a cement bench next to me, staring at my food while the street performer played in the background and a woman sat on the side of the street breastfeeding. We certainly don't have that type of thing going on here in Waterville, me.

tired abby Doesn’t she look tired? I guess walking around a city, smelling all sorts of crap, and getting petted by strangers can really take it out of a dog.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


My BFF Melissa did a “brain dump” on her blog the other day, to basically just type stuff she was thinking. So here is my version.

1. House hunters is an extremely awkward show. I have a hard time believing people actually communicate with each other the way they portray it on the show. For example, today’s episode I was just watching. Children DO NOT comment on “nice counter tops” or the fact that their mother will now be able to get manicures that will last because there is a dishwasher.

2. Maine officially has the worst commercials ever created. If you are all lucky enough ( all 3 of you) I will try and find some examples here on the internets and link them to the blog. The lottery commercial makes my ears bleed, and some moron who works for chapter 11 furniture thinks that it is effective marketing to just repeat the name of the store for 3 minutes strait.  They may have also created the least effective anti-drunk driving campaign in history. Singing on the radio does not deter teens from not drinking. Am I the only one that gets that. No high schooler is going to hear this awful little ditty and think… “you know what, they are right”

3. I hate this computer. I have had to restart it 3 times because windows live writer keeps “not responding”. This also makes blogging slightly difficult.

4.I am still not liking the fact I have to scrape other peoples dryer lint out of the filter. gross.

5. Abby peed in the hall the earlier today while on her way outside. about a month ago, she pooped in the hall right outside the elevator. words cannot describe the embarrassment that followed this event. Abby taking a poo with me saying “ oh my god, oh my god.. what are you doing” while frantically trying to get the plastic bag detached from her leash. She keeps things interesting that little one.

6. I accidently paid $914.00 to Rooms to Go last month, instead of the required $62.00. I’m still trying to figure out how this happened.  I wrote the check. I signed the check. Without noticing that i was overpaying by $852.00. Way to go, Jennifer.

7. We’re going to Boston soon, and Abby will get to ride the subway. For this I am beyond thrilled. As long as she doesn’t poop on the train. or on the sidewalk. or in the hotel room. I am really looking forward to eating a canoli at Mikes bakery.

8. I really hate how jeans stretch out so much. It makes it impossible to buy the size that will correctly fit. Scrubs are also really hard to find a good fit. I always end up with pants that don’t stay up and i feel like my butt is always hanging out. And lets face it, no one wants to see that.

I like even numbers so Ill end on that one. I have some pictures to post from Diana and Wesley's visit as well as my brother and Lindsey visiting. We went to a sea plane fly in. I’m thinking you have to live in Maine to understand what that is, so perhaps the pictures will explain it better. On to that, when Patrick uploads pictures. For now, off to shower and off to a doctors appt.

happy thursday!

ode to the working woman.

Oh, how do you do it?

My excuse for not updating in a month, is the fact that I work 3 days a week. Yes, its a rough life. I was talking to my brother who so nicely put it. So wait, you only work like 15 days a month. When you put it that way is sounds a little pathetic that I am not better at this time management thing. But, in my defense when you work 4 days in a row 6am-6:30 pm leaving the house at 5:20 and not getting home until 7ish you cannot function after that. Then when you add visitors and camping into the mix things just don’t get done.

So. there is my excuse. onto my planned posts.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where I discovered my love for everything blueberry…

On Friday morning we headed to Bar Harbor, Maine. We stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast and at the risk of sounding like a total fat kid, they had THE. BEST. SCONES. EVER.  This is where my love of blueberries started. It was then later confirmed by the most amazing blueberry pie at a harbor side restaurant. So on our first night there we walked around, did some shopping, and just enjoyed the place.

188 I have a firm belief that everyone that visits Maine should be required to buy this hat.

While it was slightly panama-cityesk, minus the air brushed t-shirts, it was still really beautiful. Somehow we decided it would be a good idea to watch the sunrise from Cadillac mountain. So we woke up at 4am, piled into the car, and drove up a scary mountain road in the pitch dark.

264 but this is what we got to see…

So after returning to the B&B and promptly passing out for a few more hours of sleep, we drove through Acadia and down to Southeast Harbor.

336 Acadia

376 Freezing cold water at a “sea wall” (That's what the sign there said). This picture makes me laugh.

415 lobster pot buoys.

436 The Lobstermen docked here and unloaded their boats. I just love the picture of the crabs with their hats on.

422 Over-exposed, but another harbor side restaurant where we had some beers and some blueberry pie. my new fav.

We headed back to bar harbor, showered and headed out to dinner. We walked along the coast, and saw all of the old homes and settled on a cute little outdoor place to eat dinner.

454 one of the old homes. which is now a hotel, I think.

Bob and Sylvia left Sunday morning and Patrick and I wanted to go ride our bikes on the carriage roads in Acadia. One of the Rockefellers bought the land a long time ago and prohibited cars from driving on these roads. So there are tons of bikers and runners and occasionally a horse. We picked a 6 mile loop around a pond, which I would actually call a lake. About half-way around we saw a small sign for a hike, so we decided to do it.

490 This is what we found at the top of the hiking trail.

515 This was at the end of the trail. Some nice old man offered to take our picture.

508 Patrick being Patrick.

We are totally going back, Dan and Lindsey y’all up for a hike in Acadia?


So when the in-laws came to visit Patrick and I decided this would be a good time to learn how to cook lobster. I spent the day searching for a giant pot, the lobster shell cracker thingys and the best lobster in town. Surprisingly enough I bought the lobsters from a shack on the side of the road. In fact I made the check out to Chuck Underwood, who ever that may be, but I’m pretty sure he’s loaded. So one giant pot, 3 lobsters ( the funny thing is I don’t even like lobster) and a few screams later I had successfully made my first lobsters!


Monday, August 9, 2010

One of the reasons my dog pees under the bed...

We had some stick-on mustaches, so naturally I made the dog wear one.

Mt. Keno, because I cant remember the actual name

Mt. Keno
Scary fire tower, on top of a mountain
On top of the fire tower, i'm pretty sure thats Canada in the background

Its been a while since I have posted, mostly because I was hoping for my computer to get fixed by my want-to-be-nerd husband. I don't have a good track record with technology, in fact most things that I own seem to break. I still refuse to acknowledge that this is my fault. I believe that I just always get the "lemon". Anywho... This weekend I had to get the hell out of our apartment because I thought I was going crazy, so we took a day trip to Mount. Keno. I shall call it. This is not the correct name, but no one really cares about the name of it. It is a mountain in the middle of a ginormous lake. We had originally thought we would kayak ( in our inflatable boat) over to the mountain. After arriving I quickly shot down that idea. This "lake" is more like an ocean, giant waves and freezing cold. I just really didn't think it was a good idea to pack up a bunch of stuff, including ourselves and the dog and head out into the open water. Why do that when we can pay $1o/person and ride a nice enclosed boat, that you don't have to paddle yourself. So we got on the ferry and got dropped off on this mountain/island. Then we headed up to the top. For a while I thought I was going to die by either a. falling off the side or b. not being able to breathe. But, the dog was doing the trail ( with a little bribing and a few butt pushes up the rocks) so why couldn't I? We got to an opening and hung out for a while and It was really an incredible view, another .5 miles away was the summit of the mountain. I guess Patrick had told me about a fire tower at the top, but apparently I wasn't really listening. We walk up to a rickety old fire tower and I was supposed to climb to the top. Normally I'm not really scared of heights but this one got me. A rusty old fire tower on top of a mountain... sure, lets climb up to the top. It was a little scary but we got some pictures and headed on back down. After climbing back down, letting Abby go for a little swim, and ferrying back to the mainland we headed onto Greenville, Maine and got some dinner and a beer at a cute little restaurant over looking Moosehead lake. Here are some pictures from our adventure. Again, I cannot format bad.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

part time is better than no time

For Melissas classroom Baby Shower for Erica

Ms. Massee Claires baby shower

So, I am employed! Assuming I pass the most intense background check in history. I got a part time job at a nursing home, working 2 days a week. My kind of employment. I realize that only 4 people read this thing, but in an attempt to pay back student loans i'm trying to use the few skills that I have. For those of you who know me, I love decorating for any type of party. In fact I got a little carried away in May when I helped throw a baby shower for a friend. I also made a few decorations for my friend who is hosting a baby shower this weekend. Most recently I made some materials for the BFF's classroom So this got me thinking, maybe someone would be willing to pay me for this stuff. I really like doing it, and being creative is always fun. So for $2.00 a letter which will help cover the costs I am officially pimping myself out on the internets. I also started an ETSY page, it is JpaCreations. So if you, or anyone you know needs decorations for any type of party, or for their class room, or whatever pass along my info!
ok- I realize that the pictures are
a. out of order from what i explained.
b. sideways
I have been trying for the last 1hour and 22 minutes ( courtesy of netflix and watching A league of their own, great movie btw) to get this to load the proper way. I even tried to download windows live writer, suggested by the BFF to get this to work. After 3 failed attempts at downloading i give up. I give up, and you will just have to turn your computer sideways. I am officially sweating from frustration and I am about to throw my computer out the window...I wonder if the warranty covers that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Get ready!

I am so excited because my friend Courtney got engaged this weekend. I cant wait for all of the wedding festivities to begin, and I am even more excited to be a bridesmaid. Thanks Court, can't wait!

Congrats Courtney and Josh!!

P.s.- I figured the St. Patty's picture was appropriate since y'all will be having a March wedding and a St. Patty's bachelorette weekend!

Friday, July 23, 2010


This is the gym that I recently joined. Yes, I actually pay to use this facility. Being creative like most Mainers, they have turned this building into a gym/night club/physical therapy center/indoor tennis facility. Whoever comes to visit us in this fine town will be joining me at the night club, I need to see what this place has to offer. Im pretty sure the room where I do my group exercise classes doubles as the dance floor complete with strobe lights.

I wish I was joking...

I need a J.O.B.

Its a rough life

Abbys new winter jacket.

Things I have decided this week:

1.I should stop treating my dog like a child, these pictures below will give an account of what a week is like in the life of princess abbylicious of augustus.

2.Maine drivers enjoy flicking people off, while merging onto the highway.

3. I should suck it up and not cry when the movie theater tells you that your gift cards expired THE. DAY. BEFORE. Also, $7.00 is just ridiculous for a movie. You should walk away from the 72 year old woman selling tickets with your head held high when you refuse to pay that much.

4. When I get old I need to be in a nursing home that allows alcohol. At my job interview yesterday the nurse manager told me that the residents can drink, if they have a prescription from the doctor. I thought this was awesome.

5.Funky Dunky is the best OPI nail polish color ever.

6.Netflix streaming is the best invention ever. This week I enjoyed "Forrest Gump", "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "St. Elmos Fire". Via regular netflix I watched "G.I Joe, Return of the Cobra "(or whatever its called). A truly Oscar winning performance by Channing Tatum, really he should just stand there and not speak.

7. Going back to dorm style laundry is not fun after having your own beautiful Whirlpool washer and dryer for 3 years. Other peoples dryer lint makes me want to vomit. Wtf do these people put in the dryer?? And WHY do I have to scrape it off of the vent thing?

8. That is all for now. We are going to Camden, ME today. A coastal town that should have some fun stuff to do. of course, the pup will be joining us! But for now, here are some pictures of our deprived pup.

Abby goes outside to play with friends, and finds the only mud puddle to lay in. This is her guilty face. Please note the mud smear on the side of the tub.
We go get ice cream and obviously Abby gets one too.
ps- So i spent hours trying to figure out the formatting for this stupid thing, it wouldn't let me put the pictures where i want them. How do all you blog people out there make your blogs cute? I'm over this current background, and layout. Please help! Im willing to pay a little bit of money to make this more functional/cute. This is beginning to drive me crazy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrating the 4th

To celebrate the 4th of July we headed into Boston. After dropping off Abby at Doggy Day Care which was totally traumatic, we headed off on our road trip. We had found a place in Augusta, Ga that was awesome for boarding the pup. I thought I had found a place here that I liked, but that opinion quickly changed. The owner thought she was gods gift to dog boarding, which couldn't have been further from the truth. They didn't allow the dogs to bark and sprayed them with water bottles, in their little faces if they didn't obey or barked. So naturally I freaked out and worried about Abby all weekend. I had visions of her in a little cage getting squirted in the face. Ok, I realize that this wouldn't have killed her but still I wasnt a fan of the whole situation.Then when we got there to pick her up on Monday they had lost her freaking bone. Again, not a big deal but they could have been a little more sympathetic. So we won't be returning to that fine establishment.
Ok, that was all beside the point. We had a fabulous time in Boston visiting with the brother and sister-in-law.We got in late Saturday night and enjoyed some dinner, a case of beer, and watched some "East Bound and Down" compliments of our Netflix. Sunday we got up and headed over to Fenway to watch the Red Sox lose. Yes, I typed that correctly. It was still fun though, and very patriotic. After enjoying the game we walked back to the apartment, all 28988 miles. Ok, it wasnt that far but it was far enough that we had to stop at a gas station to rehydrate. We showered, repacked and headed out to watch fireworks and listen to the Boston Pops. We got there early enough to get good seats and thank goodness because it got really busy really quickly. Soon enough we were surrounded by japanese tourists (all wearing matching bright yellow t-shirts) and all sorts of other people who wern't speaking english. After another case of beer and some mexican takeout this irony struck me. Here we are on the 4th of July surrounded by people who may or maynot be legal residents. but, whatever....The fireworks were awesome and we had a good time. We packed up and walked back home another 938498 miles, again stopping to rehydrate, lindsey read some magazines and I got some snowcaps. We got up early the next day to go pick up the dog, because I was convinced she was traped in a cage getting squirted in the face...Her face was wet when we picked her up. As soon as I find the other camera Ill get to the posting about paddling down the river, lost, with a dog, in an inflatable kayak.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?

I can't believe its been a week since we moved in. Surprisingly everything is unpacked, sorta, and we have gotten out to enjoy this wonderful city. While the exploration only took around 10 minutes, I still see this as a accomplishment.

One of our first trips out was to Walmart. I was so excited we even have one of these in town. As far as I knew I had to drive 30 minutes to get to one (O.M.G). We needed cleaning supplies, shampoo/conditioner, all of those things I never thought I would be excited to buy. As an "adult" I get really excited about things like new toilet paper and paper towels. Anywho, as we are entering the store I am trying my best not to judge my fellow "Main-ers". Maybe this is just how people dress up north, I think to myself. Nope, my initial assessment was correct. I don't know where these people crawled out from under, but they were there in full force. I wish I could have taken a picture with my phone, but I was scared for my life and trying to keep Patrick calm. As we start our adventure in the organizational section of the store things are OK, we are buying things for the bathroom, stools for the kitchen counter, trying on life jackets(more on that later) without much of a scene. Then we head over toward the food section and the crisis begins. As we approach the yogurt and cheese I think i'm hearing a beeping noise, but surely that will stop soon. We take a right and follow the next isle. Could that be VODKA!? I exclaim. OMG they have liquor at Walmart! and for a few seconds I revel in my new state and their clearly superior laws. Then I am brought back to reality by a constant beeping noise and children screaming... Shouldn't they be in bed anyways? it's kinda late... I look down the isle and there is a large woman, another large woman, a skinny man, and 4 children running in circles screaming covered in old crusty food and juice. I am also pretty sure I got a whiff of urine at some point. One of those children I estimate to be around 6 years old, is sitting in the front of the cart. Isn't that going to tip-over I wonder? He looks a little big for that seat. Quickly we move away from the holy land of vodka and tequilia, and on toward the next isle. Patrick is moving quicker now, saying "Oh my god, are they serious. Get a grip on your children". At least thats the blog friendly version of what he was saying. On the next isle, I spot the machine that is making the beeping noise. It is one of the wheelchair rider things that has been abandoned in the middle of the isle, presumably by one the large women with unruely children. So being the good citizen I am, I attempt to stop the beeping. I'm sure its getting on everyones nerves. Well, after pushing all the buttons, turning it around, trying to turn it off, and picking up sometype of communicable disease the damn thing was still beeping. So we then just try to hurry and get the hell out of there. On to the other isles we go and these people are following us! I cant even pick out the broom that I want in peace. Patrick is freaking out, because the child in the cart is drooling (with one long string of spit down to his belly button) and they are closing in on us. So we throw some stuff in the cart and basically take of running. Well, i'm really just casually walking and Patrick is cursing the cart with the wonky wheel that won't go any faster. We made it to the check out, missing half of the things we came for in the first place. But, we made it out alive with the knowledge that Patrick won't be returning to Walmart for the remainder of our time in Maine. Which is fine with me, I enjoy going for the people watching and in my opinion anywhere that sells Kettle One Vodka can't be that bad...

Things I have learned thus far in Maine:

1. No one wants to hire a new nurse

2. Did you know that Farmers Markets take WIC? well, they do. Which I suppose is a good thing that people who need assistance have the opportunity to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

3.The Garmin gives inaccurate information reguarding how many more miles you have to paddle down the river before you reach your destination. ( story on that next time)

4. I get irritated very easily while living and sharing communal things like computers and workout facilities.

So, to elaborate on number 4. There is a computer and printer available to the residents of the apartment complex that we live in. I went into the room where it is stored to study on one of my first days here. There was a man, using the computer. Good for him, using what is available. Although it has come to my attention that this man uses the computer for his own personal use, all the time. As if no one else lives here. This gets on my nerves. So while Patrick and I were down there printing off a job application for me to fill out, we figured this would be an opportune time to re-take the computer. We deleted all of the things that the man had saved to the desktop, for his own personal use. The content of these things was mostly pictures of the gulf-coast. I don't feel that bad, because he can always find these things again if he really wants to. But, the satisfaction of hitting delete was well worth it.

That's enough for now, more on life jackets and inaccurate Garmin's next time.

Happy Friday!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We have arrived

After 3 days, 1,200 miles, 5 books on tape, 2 hotels, the New Jersey Turnpike, $150 of toll fees and one traumatized dog we have arrived at our new apartment in Waterville, ME. I sit here in my new living room surrounded by boxes watching TV. We have our priorities strait, the cable was hooked up the first day we were here by 9am. We didn't have our bed set up yet and I still don't know where most of my underwear is packed but we have 300 channels at our disposal. After realizing that I am an idiot and there is no way I could take my licensing exam next Thursday I woke up early this morning to study and then decided it would just be a better idea to reschedule the exam. So with that already accomplished for the day I figured now was as good a time as any to start by blog. Oh, and I got our Netflix account set up, I'm telling you priorities folks.
Before anyone gets too excited about this thing, I should let y'all know. I cannot spell or edit, and most of the time these posts will be lame. As I have discovered in the last 96 hours, I'm pretty sure nothing too exciting happens here. I enjoy adding commas where they do not belong. I think it keeps things interesting. Also, I really enjoy run on sentences.
I'm thinking I better go start some laundry, down the hall, in our dorm style laundry room before I get going on this thing. Im pretty excited about my next idea for a post, it involves Walmart and Patrick wanting to punch a child.