Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Boy Vs. Girl Debate

So its really interesting to see peoples reactions when you tell them that you do not know the sex of the baby. 99% of people say, oh i could never do that, I just need to know. The other 1% think its cool. But I will tell you, 100% of people will take a guess at what sex they think the baby is. Including the lady who gives you a manicure at Walmart. Yes, you read that correctly. At Walmart. That is our local grocery store, clothing retailer, and nail salon. Oh how far i’ve come or Oh how far i’ve fallen. just depending on the view.

Anyways, I still think its fun to mess with people when they ask when I’m due. I always say, “i’m sorry?” pretending like i couldn’t hear/understand, which in the Walmart case I wasn’t lying. I couldn’t understand. But people get a look of panic on their face, but they usually ask again, to which i reply “ Oh, July!” Is this mean? probably. But i consider it one of the small pleasures of pregnancy.

So, according to most people at work and the lady at Walmart i’m having a girl. Is this because I always look like hell? I’m hoping not but it is a strong possibility. 12 hour night shifts catch up to you. 12 hour day shifts catch up to you. then flipping back and forth between days and nights is a toughie.

I do have a cute little “coming home” outfit picked out for the chance it is a girl. This includes, white denim shorts and a cardigan. OMG. Patrick and I went to register last weekend, which BTW was stressful and bless his heart he took me to baby gap. I could have died, all those little tiny clothes are so cute. I am pretty sure all he could think about was the dire state of our bank account and how it was only going to get worse.

So anyways, i am feeling good! The constant nausea has passed, but now I am hungry all the time. Now i am moving into the whale stage of pregnancy and i’ve still got a long way to go. oh well, grow on little baby, grow on. Although it would be nice if my ass would stop getting bigger, that is already big enough. The fact that it is girl scout cookie season is really not helping matters.

The doctor still thinks i’m crazy, which is nothing new.

I have been craving brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts recently. as weird as that is.

Baby is kicking away, im pretty sure earlier today i actually saw the TV remote move because it was resting on my belly.

I have tried listening to the heartbeat with my stethoscope. I couldn’t hear anything, but i sure looked like an idiot trying to hear. good thing i was home alone.

Im still sleeping ok, but i get uncomfortable in the middle of the night. I wake up and realize im sleeping on my back or somehow i am mashing this giant belly. Therefore I have to pick myself and roll over. It gets complicated, trust me.

The ultrasound went well and the doctor says it all looks good! We got a 3D ultrasound and I swear Homozel who we have now shortened to ‘Zel looks just like Patrick when he was a wee one.

We still have no names picked out and the only baby things that are in our house have been purchased by others. So our child has one outfit, thanks Kpo!

I figure we will have it all worked out by the time ‘Zel arrives. Also by the time of the arrival I hope to have figured out, which hospital I will be having the baby at and  which state we will be living in. Just minor details… Until then I will ask Patrick daily, um what are we doing next year?

For now here are some pictures of our little Zel’!Zel'1 'zel2