Friday, September 24, 2010

Abby goes to Boston

So Patrick had a continuing education course on Implant dentistry in Boston this week. This trip was funded by the government, thank you Togus VA hospital. We even drove a government Impala, which kinda sounded like the wheels were going to fly off, but its not our car so I dealt. Also, it is a government vehicle, so what did I expect.

The Sheraton in downtown is a pet friendly hotel, so of course we brought Abby. Although, I'm pretty sure pet friendly means having a yorkie in your purse. Not an 80 golden retriever. But they didn't specify. Their fault, not ours. Hauling the dog brought its own challenges but I had a good time hanging out with the pup. She rode the elevator, the subway, met some homeless people (which according to Jinks on MTV, they actually prefer to be called “houseless”) got snuck into an apartment, and ate dinner and lunch outside tied up to a fence or a tree, depending on what was available. She was even there with me when I got talked into “adopting” a child from a 3rd world country, I mean for only $22 a month they can get health care and go to a private school! Patrick did not understand this argument, and I didn’t do quite as good of a job selling the idea as the guy on the street. Basically, I had to un-adopt a poor child. Not a super fun phone call to make.

Anyways, we had a really good time. Visiting with Dan and Lindsey and just hanging out in the city, with a dog in tow.

Here are a few pictures from our adventure!

harvard Abby rode the T, like a champ. People either loved her or were wondering what the hell she was going on the subway.

au bon pan Lindsey and I had lunch outside, sammies with Boarshead meat. Lord, I miss good sandwich meat. Abby sat on a cement bench next to me, staring at my food while the street performer played in the background and a woman sat on the side of the street breastfeeding. We certainly don't have that type of thing going on here in Waterville, me.

tired abby Doesn’t she look tired? I guess walking around a city, smelling all sorts of crap, and getting petted by strangers can really take it out of a dog.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


My BFF Melissa did a “brain dump” on her blog the other day, to basically just type stuff she was thinking. So here is my version.

1. House hunters is an extremely awkward show. I have a hard time believing people actually communicate with each other the way they portray it on the show. For example, today’s episode I was just watching. Children DO NOT comment on “nice counter tops” or the fact that their mother will now be able to get manicures that will last because there is a dishwasher.

2. Maine officially has the worst commercials ever created. If you are all lucky enough ( all 3 of you) I will try and find some examples here on the internets and link them to the blog. The lottery commercial makes my ears bleed, and some moron who works for chapter 11 furniture thinks that it is effective marketing to just repeat the name of the store for 3 minutes strait.  They may have also created the least effective anti-drunk driving campaign in history. Singing on the radio does not deter teens from not drinking. Am I the only one that gets that. No high schooler is going to hear this awful little ditty and think… “you know what, they are right”

3. I hate this computer. I have had to restart it 3 times because windows live writer keeps “not responding”. This also makes blogging slightly difficult.

4.I am still not liking the fact I have to scrape other peoples dryer lint out of the filter. gross.

5. Abby peed in the hall the earlier today while on her way outside. about a month ago, she pooped in the hall right outside the elevator. words cannot describe the embarrassment that followed this event. Abby taking a poo with me saying “ oh my god, oh my god.. what are you doing” while frantically trying to get the plastic bag detached from her leash. She keeps things interesting that little one.

6. I accidently paid $914.00 to Rooms to Go last month, instead of the required $62.00. I’m still trying to figure out how this happened.  I wrote the check. I signed the check. Without noticing that i was overpaying by $852.00. Way to go, Jennifer.

7. We’re going to Boston soon, and Abby will get to ride the subway. For this I am beyond thrilled. As long as she doesn’t poop on the train. or on the sidewalk. or in the hotel room. I am really looking forward to eating a canoli at Mikes bakery.

8. I really hate how jeans stretch out so much. It makes it impossible to buy the size that will correctly fit. Scrubs are also really hard to find a good fit. I always end up with pants that don’t stay up and i feel like my butt is always hanging out. And lets face it, no one wants to see that.

I like even numbers so Ill end on that one. I have some pictures to post from Diana and Wesley's visit as well as my brother and Lindsey visiting. We went to a sea plane fly in. I’m thinking you have to live in Maine to understand what that is, so perhaps the pictures will explain it better. On to that, when Patrick uploads pictures. For now, off to shower and off to a doctors appt.

happy thursday!

ode to the working woman.

Oh, how do you do it?

My excuse for not updating in a month, is the fact that I work 3 days a week. Yes, its a rough life. I was talking to my brother who so nicely put it. So wait, you only work like 15 days a month. When you put it that way is sounds a little pathetic that I am not better at this time management thing. But, in my defense when you work 4 days in a row 6am-6:30 pm leaving the house at 5:20 and not getting home until 7ish you cannot function after that. Then when you add visitors and camping into the mix things just don’t get done.

So. there is my excuse. onto my planned posts.