Saturday, January 29, 2011

My brother-in-law, the photog.

So my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law came to visit for new years! We had so much fun and it was such a relaxed visit. We went to bar-harbor and Acadia national park. I am so glad they came to visit.

Also, the BIL happens to be a bad ass photographer. You can check him out at He does weddings and portrait secessions. I am so excited for him to take pictures of our little Homozel when the baby makes its debut. You should check him out. for real.

so here are some pictures he took while they were here visiting, and I have to say he makes this state look pretty good. also, he makes our dog look even more awesome than usual if that's even possible.


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1166113771_32VhG-S  1166115665_WVkmp-S  1166122567_mE2sP-S  1166125038_yjG4Z-S

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alex pic 1 

alex pic 2

I’m a pro.

If they had an Olympics for vomiting, I would totally dominate and win a gold medal. This week I actually threw up outside, and here is how it went down. When Abby takes care of business there is a solid 3 feet of snow and i generally just kick some snow to cover up the poo. This is an acceptable practice up here in Maine and everyone else does it too. So don’t judge me. On this particular day an employee that works on one of the floors of the building ( note- not someone that actually lives here) walked passed as abby was doing her business. They gave me the stink eye as I covered the poo. Thus leading me to feel guilty, and get a baggie to pick up the nasty. As i’m doing this, i’m gagging. I had not had a chance to eat breakfast yet. There was no hope. So there I was heaving, leaning over to the side of the sidewalk with Abby sitting there staring at me.

On Friday, hubs and I went to a ski resort around these parts. I being with child got to get a pedicure and a massage while Patrick “carved”/tumbled down the ski slopes. Just kidding, he is actually quite good. Did you know people pack their lunches to go to places like this? I just kinda thought Patrick was saving money by taking his lunch, but no wonder people don’t buy the food there. It was $15 for a small pizza, a power aid, and a brownie. But buying food makes me happy, so that is what i did. And before you go thinking to yourself “nice lunch Jennifer” I realize this is not in the least bit healthy. But I did walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes yesterday so that totally evens out.  So back to my theme of puking, I had to go to the bathroom after eating my fabulous lunch. This place stunk. horribly. as soon as I walked in the power aid started to come back up. But seeing how we had just paid $15 for that food, there was no way in hell it was ending up in a toilet, or on the floor for that matter. Through will power I talked the baby into letting me hold on to my lunch. That and I just sort of ran out of the bathroom…

Other that that, things have been going well. I have only called the doctor twice asking stupid questions. They are always so nice about it, not making me feel like an idiot when I have questions like… “is it OK that I can feel my uterus?” and “ I petted a cat, is that OK”.. well I didn’t get to ask the doctor/nurse the cat question but through some internet stalking I have decided that it is in fact ok. I just couldn’t make myself call the hospital two times in one day.

weight gain- yes,duh. I’m growing an infant.

maternity clothes- that’s a yes! I may never go back to normal clothes. Elastic waist bands should be the standard on all women’s clothing. imagine how much happier we would all be. I say we start a petition, who wants to join in?

cravings- yes. anything that isn't good for me. in particular, egg and cheese biscuits from McDonalds. yum.

sleep- Besides having to pee during the night, yay for that! I sleep pretty well. except when I have dreams that I am late for work, which happens quite often. I would have sworn that my phone rang and someone was telling me I was late for work at the nursing home. I completely made this up. in the middle of the night.

movement- Yep! well, i think anyways. It could very well be gas. But i asked the doctor, and he told me that it was totally possible i was feeling the baby move. He said “ its totally possible, since you are thin,” in which my response was “bless you!” and then I stopped listening. He’s a smart man.

Best moment of the week: while waiting on my gold-encrusted pizza from the ski resort Patrick rubbed my tummy and said “ its starting to poke out”. I love this for 2 reasons. 1- it was really sweet of him. 2- it let other people know, that I am in fact pregnant not just “unfortunately fat” as I have been calling it.

What I am looking forward to- actually feeling movement all the time. I think that would help me feel, that things are ok. Since it would be a constant reminder that the baby is growing and moving around like it should be.

here are a few pictures from our ski-day:

ski couple People will in fact stare at you if you are wearing jeans and at a ski resort.

hubs hubs the snowboarder. CIMG2921 look at the “slopes” in the background.

Patrick is making me say “look at the sweet cord”… whatever that means.

CIMG2923 This is what it would have looked like from the summit of the mountain. If I had gotten to go. But i had to get a pedicure instead. I made the right choice.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It looks like I ate an entire turkey…

We are going to be busy in July. We will be moving, somewhere… that part is still undecided. Maybe Atlanta maybe Bangor, ME. Patrick will be starting a new job- that also is still undecided. We have a wedding to attend. Our 4th anniversary will be coming up in August. Oh, and I will be having a baby! Location and state TBD. We are so very excited to be adding to our little family. Even Abby is super excited- she told me today as she was dragging my pregnant ass through the blizzard so she could eat the snow and then pee on my bath mat. Diana ( the SIL) introduced me to a blog that had a pregnancy weekly update. With my track record of blog postings, i can’t promise that it will be every week but probably more often than every 2 months.

How far along: 14 weeks today.

How big is the baby: according to my iphone app its a lemon

Total weight gain: yeah, right. Even I don’t want to know that information.

Maternity clothes: not really, but i ordered some online the other day. When sitting for long periods of time, i unbutton my pants. Occasionally even when not sitting i unbutton my pants, until I realize the zipper is falling down and then i just feel awkward.

Cravings/Get it out of here: not at this second, although I could go for a cupcake. Perhaps this is why i will not be sharing my weight gain numbers. I was having a hard time in the first part of the pregnancy, everything made me want to vomit. Unless it was fried or bad for me then i wanted it. I went through a Wendy’s double stack phase, as well as a subway veggie sub phase and pizza is always ok.  I was nauseous, all day everyday. I tried to make asparagus and broccoli for Patrick one night and ended up gagging over the sink. Veggies were completely out of the question.

funny things:

every time i brush my teeth i gag.

every time i pick up Abby poop, i gag. I was on the phone with my mom one day while doing this lovely activity. She thought it was hilarious.

Sleep: yes please, no problems yet. except i have to pee all the time.

movement: not yet

What I miss: nothing yet. Perhaps i miss not gagging in public places. Oh.. i almost forgot. Anyone that knows me, knows that i love TLC/A&E and any programming that involves people with problems. TLC’s new show- Strange addictions. I was so excited to watch tonight's episode. The girl that eats laundry detergent. Sadly this episode includes the girl that picks out her hair and eats the hair follicle.( just gagged a little) Obviously I cannot watch this as it is disgusting on so many levels. This would have never bothered me before, but now… i just cant deal.

Best moment this week: I was wearing tights and a fitted top. The neighbor says “ oh hey Homozel” and patted my stomach. then patrick told me I was looking more “rotund”. Which in husband land is a compliment. Apparently I am looking more pregnant, and less like I just swallowed the entire contents of my fridge.

Let me expand on the “Homozel” idea. When Patrick was at college, there was a building that was the “Homozel Mikel something or other” building. He always joked that he wanted to name one of his children that. So clearly, we had to nickname the little one in utero this. Most people stick with “peanut” or something like that… not us.

What I am looking forward to: Shamelessly sticking my stomach out, and rocking my new gap maternity jeans.

Pregnancy rant: I’m good for now. But when I get heated about something, ill let you know.

No pictures yet, none that I’m sharing anyways- but just imagine me.. with a puffy face, a slightly larger ass, and a stomach that sticks out over my pants. I’m a lovely sight, but its all for a good purpose!

New years resolutions

One of my new years resolutions was to blog more. Unfortunately, I have epically failed at this in the first 11 days of 2011. My bad.

So I will start by re-capping the last month of our lives, or what I can remember anyways.

How could i forget, my BFF Melissa came to visit. This was in the beginning of November, so not technically within the last month but still a very important event. We had a true Main-ah weekend, and went to a field in the middle of no where and made Melissa shoot a gun for the first time. It was so redneck, and i’m pretty sure she thought she was going to die the whole time. IMG_1033



We started December with a quick jaunt to NYC. I have always wanted to go at Christmas time and my sweet husband  made it happen, mostly because I made him take me. Unfortunately for me, the rest of America also likes to go to NYC at Christmas. We had a fabulous trip, even though we had a cab issue ( we were too far away from where we are trying to go, seriously?) which resulted in me walking 2 miles crying the whole way. But, you can’t let that ruin a trip can you?

After NYC we headed to ATL for our family Christmas, and a friends wedding. In true Jennifer and Patrick style, we drove overnight to get there and to return to Maine. We were there for 5 days, but it seemed more like 20 minutes. We saw lots of friends and were very busy. This included trips to Chick-fil-a, Moes, and publix  for subs. Lord, I miss those places. Then we drove back, overnight, again. I drove a total of about 4 hours the entire time, sorry Patrick.

We had a “White Christmas” here in Maine, with just the 3 of us. Abby included. It was “white”, because it had snowed sometime in November, and the snow never melts. It just piles up, and turns brown and nasty and gets all over your pants.

Christmas 012 Thats me in the brown jacket, the day after Christmas on a hike with the neighbors and our dogs.

I was lucky enough to get a new job this December as well, so the month has included me working, a lot.

For New Years my brother in law, and my soon to be sister in law come up for a visit. We headed to Bar Harbor, which is totally different in the winter. We explored parts of Acadia Natl park, and went to one of the only 3 restaurants open in the town for dinner/new years. We had a fabulous time!

I am sure I am missing some things, but ill have another post in a few minutes after i frantically clean the house and cook dinner. Which is what I was supposed to be doing today, but instead i chose to sit on the couch and watch hours of TV.