Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wtf were we thinking?

My loving husband had got it in his head that we were going to hike Mt. Katadhin (Fyi, I will probably spell this differently every time I type it. in fact, i shall call it Mt. K). This is the highest point in Maine, the elevation is 13 feet short of a mile. Which honestly once we got to the top just kinda pissed me off. they should have built something 13 feet high at the top, that we could have climbed so say we climbed a mile. but whatever. Patrick had made reservations at a “hotel” in milonocket ( again, probably spelled wrong). The whole drive he was telling me, its just one night. We wont be there for very long. He was preparing me for this…IMG_0969  A motor lodge. eww. Staying there was as horrible as you could imagine. The person above us weighed 400lbs, sounded like they were going to break the floor and crush us to death. And, they also didn’t sleep because the stomped around all freaking night. This fine experience was topped of by people yelling in the hallway at all hours of the night. If you look closely you can see why people were so loud, there were 25 cent natty lights at the attached bar. I think people came from all over, booked themselves a room and then proceeded to get hammered.

With a 4:45 wake up call, we were going on little sleep. but, we headed out with headlamps and flash lights. You have to get to the national park early, or else they give away your parking spot. Which you have to book weeks in advance. Also, we didn’t know how long this adventure would take so we figured we should start early. We hiked 5 miles up. I thought I was going to die. After scaling up the side of a mountain, we reach the top which I mistakenly thought was the end. But little did I know we still had another mile to go to the peak. The reason I didn’t know was because we couldn’t see the peak, why you ask? That’s because it was snowing, 50mph wind gusts, and we were in a freaking cloud.

With some encouragement, and some cuss words on my behalf we made it to the top. It was absolutely freezing. And we couldn’t see anything, just the sign that said we had made it to the top. It took quite an effort to get our picture taken, because there was a man proposing, and a Korean film crew trying to video tape the whole thing. All the while screaming, about making a nice DVD. This was all very sweet, but they needed to get the hell out of the way. I wasn’t going to stand there forever, I wanted to take my picture and get on my way. I was pretty sure hyp0thermia was setting in and I really wanted to keep all of my fingers.

So after taking a picture, we headed on our way out of the clouds. I promptly fell on my butt, cried a little, and then started our descent off the mountain. You would think going down would be easier, but it really wasn’t. The whole path is rocks, so you have to be careful. the WHOLE 10 miles. so toward the end, i of course end up tripping and falling because my feet and legs just no longer work. I cannot physically lift my feet off the ground. But, we survived and I can say that 2 weeks later I am glad we did it. although, there is absolutely no way I am doing it again.

CIMG2839 5:30, starting out our adventure.

CIMG2841 sunrise and freezing.

CIMG2846 my cute little hiker.

CIMG2849 rock climbing. for 5 miles. omg.

CIMG2869 strait up hill.

CIMG2871 me, being super happy.

CIMG2886 very safe.

CIMG2890 thank the lord, we made it.

CIMG2913 I saw this once we had already been to the top.

IMG_0964 we survived! exhausted, but alive.

How bout them apples

Ill start off by saying, that my computer is officially crap. I have an issue with technology and Patrick decided it might be a good idea to retire my computer for the time being before I throw it out the window.

So anyways, steve-o and Kpo came to visit a few weeks ago. We met up with them in Freeport in the pouring rain.The whole outdoor outlet mall is a lot more charming when it is not raining. After drying out we cooked some Lobsters for dinner, which we are becoming professional lobster murderers. Once again we bought them from a shack on the side of the road. This is a totally acceptable practice up here, but if someone was selling seafood on the side of the road in Marietta I would assume that it has some type of poison.

On Saturday we went to pick some apples at a pick your own farm around here. It was such a nice day out, and I felt very new englandy picking my own apples.

CIMG2817 here is a picture of the apple trees. Does anyone else think its weird that apples grow on trees?

CIMG2822  I was a professional apple picker.

After picking more apples than we knew what to do with, we headed to a pub in downtown Skowhegan and sat outside overlooking the river for some lunch. It was a cute little place. It came complete with entertainment in the form of what I am assuming was a homeless man and his homeless friend. It was sad, I suppose. This crazy- kept talking about how he DOVE, not jumped, off of the bridge over the river. Ok, if he had really done that, I'm pretty sure he would not have been standing there, alive, telling us that story. Thank the lord he decided to bother another table of people because I really just wanted to enjoy my chicken cesar wrap.

In true Porter fashion we had some Mexican for dinner, completing our trend of eating our way through the weekend. It was such a short trip but it was so good to see my parents!