Wednesday, May 18, 2011

True Life

As I type this I am watching True Life, “I am stuck with my parents”. Meaning these people are in their 30’s and are still hanging out/mooching off of their parents. Currently, there are 2 men who want to wrestlers (WWE style) trying out to be strippers. I am so glad I went to college. The previous segment was about a guy who went out to bars (alone) and was pissed when he had to go back to his hotel room alone. This hotel room was all a part of his deal, he obviously couldn’t meet these girls and then bring them back to his moms house. I have 2 bits of advice for this man.

1- going out by yourself is kind of creepy. Why don’t you have friends that want to come with you.

2- if you live in the same town you are going out in, why would you have a hotel room. In my mind I would think “ so he can take me back there, murder me and then put my body in a dumpster”. Paranoid? yes. But its a bit sketchy.

Speaking of sketchy, Patrick and I had quite the experience at the grocery store yesterday. We are walking along minding our own business and this man starts to uncomfortably stare at Patrick, while we are in front of the milk and I am busy checking out the new Trop-50 raspberry/lemonade. Which by the way is delicious, but will give you killer heart burn. My standard 2 Tums didn’t do the trick. But, I digress….  As it turns out, this man was staring at us because he happens to be a UGA fan and we happened to have a UGA reusable grocery bag in our cart.  Obviously the usual “ go dawgs” would not suffice, he is one of those typical huge UGA fans who have actually never set foot on the campus. He was a total creep.  He stands there, asks us how long we have lived in Maine. Since last summer we respond, and at this point we start trying to make our exit.  He then launches into his reasons for moving to Maine. He used to live by the coast but had a really hard time finding a job, since jobs are hard to come by up here. I would agree with him on this point, but then why the hell did you move here in the first place?  You don’t just hop in the car and think, humm Maine sounds good. Anyways, he asks us where we work.

a- why is this his business

b- we are not about to tell him what we do for a living. since has has mentioned the cost of things 3 times in the 2 minutes we have been talking to him.

Patrick who is only half paying attention and leaving me to deal with this conversation responds with “ i work at a hospital”. Could be be any more vague. The guy then says “OH THAYER HOSPITAL?!” and I say, yeah, I work there when it becomes obvious that Patrick has said his part and is going to further with this. This man then proceeds to tell me where he lives, which is on the same street as the hospital. I’m all like, oh that’s great. He then tells us about his employment at Goodwill and asks us if we think fishing licenses are expensive? he keeps his in his name badge from work, which is obviously where it belongs. Also, why are you wearing your name badge from work. We trust you, we don’t need proof of where you work.  He then keeps talking to us as we are walking away, asking what I deem to be inappropriate questions of strangers. We gave up on yogurt and cheese as those were too close in proximity to where he stood, by his wife who was checking out the facts on the MOST EXPENSIVE YOGURT that the store sells. If you cant afford a $25 fishing license maybe you should cut back to the Hannaford brand yogurt like the rest of us.

We then get home, and there are people chain smoking outside our apartment asking about bumming cigarettes off one another. She only has 5 left, but she will give him one.

I look at Patrick and I said, I am not bringing my baby back to this place. I cannot do it. I feel confident that the man at the grocery store would have attempted to “meet” my baby and I could have freaked out. I also feel confident that the chain smoke might be bad for developing lungs. I don’t know much, being a nurse and all that but smoking is pretty bad for your health.

Speaking of baby, I will be 32 weeks on Saturday! We were in Atlanta last weekend and had the best time. We had 3 baby showers in 2 days thanks to our fabulous families and friends. Little Zel’ is one lucky baby to have so many people that love him/her already. I’m getting so excited to find out if its a boy or girl, and find out what they look like. Although it would be nice to have the nursery set up and not just have boxes lining my hallway and my living room. Hopefully by June we will have things set up, in our newly rented house in Winterport. Very excited for that!

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