Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blog world is confusing... so is the real world for that matter.

So since I've been gone the following things have happened in my life. In no particular order.
- Some best friends got engaged!
-I turned 26
-I packed up and moved out of our apartment ( not alone, shout out to the hubs and my parents)
-Painted and planned a sweet little nursery for our little bundle of joy
-Painted and got our bedroom prepared for when me moved
-Slept on a mattress on the floor while 9 months pregnant
-Gave birth to said bundle of joy, its a GIRL! by the way, and she's fabulous. She obviously deserves her own post more on my little nugget to come.
-Endured the july heat without the luxury of central air conditioning
-I gained a sweet little nephew named Charlie!! I just love him so.
-Celebrated 4 years of marriage to my fabulous hubs
-Lived without a dishwasher
-Lived without a TV, well a tv bigger than 12 inches.
-Had visitors, the grandparents from both sides and some friends!
-Endured a hurricane, I still hold firm in my belief that Irene is a bitch
-Packed up and drove from Winterport, Maine to Atlanta, Georgia without my hubs but with the help of my sister in law. Thank you Diana! The hurricane complicated things, like totally messing up new jersey and making the roads a little difficult to travel.
-Ate chickfila and Moes and in my world these are both cherished events.
-Threw a bridesmaids luncheon
-Kate got to meet all of her Aunts/uncle/family!
-Was in a wedding! Congrats Alex and Keri!
-Threw a wedding shower, Yay Melissa who gets married this month. so excited.
-Drove back to Maine
- My house burnt down.
-lived in a hotel
-moved again
-started working again
- had more visitors

those are just a few of the highlights. obviously i will elaborate further on multiple bullet points. For now, this girls gotta eat!

I say that blog world is confusing because i am currently trying to make my blog pretty like so many others out there. I unfortunately am not succeeding at this. You would think that copy and paste would be easy enough, but you can see the header on my blog. Clearly I am confused. Its a work in progress. I really want to be better at blogging, because i love reading other peoples blogs so why not keep up with my own.

really, going to fix dinner now!

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