Thursday, February 17, 2011

I like dogs, I just don’t like their owners

I have a hard time understanding how some people survive as long as they do. Most specifically, people who I am fortunate enough to share my apartment building with. A few weeks ago as I am doing laundry a woman walks in behind me, stands too close to me, and then proceeds to pull her laundry out of garbage bags and use the machines as I pull my clothes out. This is a problem for a few reasons.

a- she reeks of cigarettes and booze, in the middle of the day. To my Georgia people, think of what you smelled like leaving downtown freshman year, before the no-smoking deal started.

b-she was burping, loudly, as I am pulling my clothes out of the washer.


d-I have to eventually wash my babies clothes in these washers, and i am fairly certain her clothes carry diseases.

I have no idea who this woman is and why she was using our washer and dryer. I did what any sane person would do, I walked back to my apartment and called Patrick immediately and freaked out. Why is this homeless person in our building and why are they doing laundry? I wanted him to fix it immediately. From work.

Fast forward to this morning. I am in the elevator and here comes my laundry partner. Walking another one of our neighbors dogs. I guess they have a dog walker, and i guess she uses our facilities while she creeps around our building all day.

Here is where another issues arises. If your dog sucks and they are mean, stay away from me and my sweet puppy. Do not ask me to hold the elevator and then spend the five flight trip down wrestling the dog, saying “ she just has so much energy”. No she is crazy and she looks like she wants to bite me. Then when I am trying to walk back to the building after letting my dog go to the bathroom, STAY AWAY from me. Its like people here have no social skills, i should hold classes on how to be a human. I think that would be helpful. Of course I would have to give out cigarettes as door prizes to tempt people to come, but it just might work.

Last night as I am coming back from Subway and the grocery store where I purchased a foot long veggie sub, baked sour cream and cheddar chips, and peanut butter. Don’t judge me, I’m pregnant. I had another run in with a dog in the elevator. Abby my car riding partner and I were in the elevator, and the doors opened on our floor. As soon as the doors open, here comes this little shit of a dog who always barks and snips at Abby. Not on a leash, sprinting down the hall. She gets into the elevator, and starts to “attack” Abby. So i kinda toss this little dog up against the wall, all the while trying to keep Abby away from her and not get bit myself. Then the elevator door closes, and here I am with grocery bags, a purse, an 80lb golden retriever, and this little dog who i would love to punt across the hall. The owner finally makes it down the hall and the doors open, she picks up her dog and Abby growls at the dog almost knocking me down in her attempt to get away. The woman looks at Abby and says “whoa!!”… I wanted to punch her in the face.  So i say, “well, your dog just attacked her.” and got out of the elevator, pissed not even looking at this woman. Had this been the first time with this dog, it would be one thing. But this little dog is always on a retractable leash, fully out at 7 ft and she always barks and snips at Abby and the owner just kinda says, oh stop it. Hey, dumbass get your freaking dog under control. My dog is cowering against the wall. Again, i rush down the hall to home and start reliving the event with Patrick. He is pissed, and lord knows what he will do when he sees that woman and her dog again. He is already rude enough to her because he disagrees with her dog handling skills and choices. I wonder why we only have one set of friends here at this apartment, mostly because we dislike everyone else that lives here.

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