Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blog world is confusing... so is the real world for that matter.

So since I've been gone the following things have happened in my life. In no particular order.
- Some best friends got engaged!
-I turned 26
-I packed up and moved out of our apartment ( not alone, shout out to the hubs and my parents)
-Painted and planned a sweet little nursery for our little bundle of joy
-Painted and got our bedroom prepared for when me moved
-Slept on a mattress on the floor while 9 months pregnant
-Gave birth to said bundle of joy, its a GIRL! by the way, and she's fabulous. She obviously deserves her own post more on my little nugget to come.
-Endured the july heat without the luxury of central air conditioning
-I gained a sweet little nephew named Charlie!! I just love him so.
-Celebrated 4 years of marriage to my fabulous hubs
-Lived without a dishwasher
-Lived without a TV, well a tv bigger than 12 inches.
-Had visitors, the grandparents from both sides and some friends!
-Endured a hurricane, I still hold firm in my belief that Irene is a bitch
-Packed up and drove from Winterport, Maine to Atlanta, Georgia without my hubs but with the help of my sister in law. Thank you Diana! The hurricane complicated things, like totally messing up new jersey and making the roads a little difficult to travel.
-Ate chickfila and Moes and in my world these are both cherished events.
-Threw a bridesmaids luncheon
-Kate got to meet all of her Aunts/uncle/family!
-Was in a wedding! Congrats Alex and Keri!
-Threw a wedding shower, Yay Melissa who gets married this month. so excited.
-Drove back to Maine
- My house burnt down.
-lived in a hotel
-moved again
-started working again
- had more visitors

those are just a few of the highlights. obviously i will elaborate further on multiple bullet points. For now, this girls gotta eat!

I say that blog world is confusing because i am currently trying to make my blog pretty like so many others out there. I unfortunately am not succeeding at this. You would think that copy and paste would be easy enough, but you can see the header on my blog. Clearly I am confused. Its a work in progress. I really want to be better at blogging, because i love reading other peoples blogs so why not keep up with my own.

really, going to fix dinner now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

True Life

As I type this I am watching True Life, “I am stuck with my parents”. Meaning these people are in their 30’s and are still hanging out/mooching off of their parents. Currently, there are 2 men who want to wrestlers (WWE style) trying out to be strippers. I am so glad I went to college. The previous segment was about a guy who went out to bars (alone) and was pissed when he had to go back to his hotel room alone. This hotel room was all a part of his deal, he obviously couldn’t meet these girls and then bring them back to his moms house. I have 2 bits of advice for this man.

1- going out by yourself is kind of creepy. Why don’t you have friends that want to come with you.

2- if you live in the same town you are going out in, why would you have a hotel room. In my mind I would think “ so he can take me back there, murder me and then put my body in a dumpster”. Paranoid? yes. But its a bit sketchy.

Speaking of sketchy, Patrick and I had quite the experience at the grocery store yesterday. We are walking along minding our own business and this man starts to uncomfortably stare at Patrick, while we are in front of the milk and I am busy checking out the new Trop-50 raspberry/lemonade. Which by the way is delicious, but will give you killer heart burn. My standard 2 Tums didn’t do the trick. But, I digress….  As it turns out, this man was staring at us because he happens to be a UGA fan and we happened to have a UGA reusable grocery bag in our cart.  Obviously the usual “ go dawgs” would not suffice, he is one of those typical huge UGA fans who have actually never set foot on the campus. He was a total creep.  He stands there, asks us how long we have lived in Maine. Since last summer we respond, and at this point we start trying to make our exit.  He then launches into his reasons for moving to Maine. He used to live by the coast but had a really hard time finding a job, since jobs are hard to come by up here. I would agree with him on this point, but then why the hell did you move here in the first place?  You don’t just hop in the car and think, humm Maine sounds good. Anyways, he asks us where we work.

a- why is this his business

b- we are not about to tell him what we do for a living. since has has mentioned the cost of things 3 times in the 2 minutes we have been talking to him.

Patrick who is only half paying attention and leaving me to deal with this conversation responds with “ i work at a hospital”. Could be be any more vague. The guy then says “OH THAYER HOSPITAL?!” and I say, yeah, I work there when it becomes obvious that Patrick has said his part and is going to further with this. This man then proceeds to tell me where he lives, which is on the same street as the hospital. I’m all like, oh that’s great. He then tells us about his employment at Goodwill and asks us if we think fishing licenses are expensive? he keeps his in his name badge from work, which is obviously where it belongs. Also, why are you wearing your name badge from work. We trust you, we don’t need proof of where you work.  He then keeps talking to us as we are walking away, asking what I deem to be inappropriate questions of strangers. We gave up on yogurt and cheese as those were too close in proximity to where he stood, by his wife who was checking out the facts on the MOST EXPENSIVE YOGURT that the store sells. If you cant afford a $25 fishing license maybe you should cut back to the Hannaford brand yogurt like the rest of us.

We then get home, and there are people chain smoking outside our apartment asking about bumming cigarettes off one another. She only has 5 left, but she will give him one.

I look at Patrick and I said, I am not bringing my baby back to this place. I cannot do it. I feel confident that the man at the grocery store would have attempted to “meet” my baby and I could have freaked out. I also feel confident that the chain smoke might be bad for developing lungs. I don’t know much, being a nurse and all that but smoking is pretty bad for your health.

Speaking of baby, I will be 32 weeks on Saturday! We were in Atlanta last weekend and had the best time. We had 3 baby showers in 2 days thanks to our fabulous families and friends. Little Zel’ is one lucky baby to have so many people that love him/her already. I’m getting so excited to find out if its a boy or girl, and find out what they look like. Although it would be nice to have the nursery set up and not just have boxes lining my hallway and my living room. Hopefully by June we will have things set up, in our newly rented house in Winterport. Very excited for that!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Nursery!

It seems like most people expecting their first baby always post pictures of the nursery and the progress that is being made on the decorations, painting, putting the crib together, ect. So here is our current nursery!


Not quite sure where the crib is going to go, we just can’t decide. This corner has so much space to work with. I just hope the baby doesnt mind sharing its space with a sewing machine and a rubbermaid of clothes that no longer fit me.

We are so prepared for this child, we have one outfit and some burp cloths. That’s sufficient right? We do have some more things, but they are still back in Atl because we couldn’t fit stuff in our carry on luggage after our last trip.

I’m trying my best to not let this stress me out. I’m just really hoping right now that we don’t end up having the baby in West Virginia and staying at an extended stay hotel for a few weeks. I’m just not sure I can deal with that.

It will all work out, and I know that. But seriously ya’ll, think how you might feel.

So things have been pretty quiet here in Waterville. I’ve just been working nights which means that i’m pretty much tired all the time. We actually went out with some friends last weekend, so our social agenda has been filled for the month. I think this weekend we might go grocery shopping, pretty exciting stuff. Maybe we can squeeze in a little Target too.

We did go on a nice picnic last weekend at Colby College. We listened to the braves game on Patrick’s phone, Abby wandered around eating sticks, and we ate some PB&J sammies. It was just really nice to finally be able to get outside and enjoy the sun. It had been a few months since we had seen it.

I had a MD appt on Friday and things are going well. He confirmed that I am fat and i still have 3 months to go.  I cant really say this was a surprise to me. I go back next Friday for my glucose tolerance test to see if i have gestational diabetes.  I really hope i don’t. That would be unfortunate. I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now, which I am excited about. If I could go to the doctor every day I would like it. Just to check in, you know.

I guess we might move doctors down to Lewiston ( where we would have the baby if still living in Maine) after this next appt. That will give us some time to get slightly acquainted with a new doctor and they have more education classes like breastfeeding and birthing classes. Instead of the once a month deal here in Waterville.

We get to head back to ATL next month and I am beyond excited! I have a few lovely people who are throwing me some fabulous baby showers. The end of April will be busy as well as May. We are going to visit Dan and Lindsey in 2 weeks, then we go to Atl, then we are taking a small babymoon to the beach here in Maine, then Dan’s graduation festivities! I’m so looking forward to having things to do.

That’s about all for now, I need to finish the laundry and then take a nap. Gotta work tonight, yay for that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Boy Vs. Girl Debate

So its really interesting to see peoples reactions when you tell them that you do not know the sex of the baby. 99% of people say, oh i could never do that, I just need to know. The other 1% think its cool. But I will tell you, 100% of people will take a guess at what sex they think the baby is. Including the lady who gives you a manicure at Walmart. Yes, you read that correctly. At Walmart. That is our local grocery store, clothing retailer, and nail salon. Oh how far i’ve come or Oh how far i’ve fallen. just depending on the view.

Anyways, I still think its fun to mess with people when they ask when I’m due. I always say, “i’m sorry?” pretending like i couldn’t hear/understand, which in the Walmart case I wasn’t lying. I couldn’t understand. But people get a look of panic on their face, but they usually ask again, to which i reply “ Oh, July!” Is this mean? probably. But i consider it one of the small pleasures of pregnancy.

So, according to most people at work and the lady at Walmart i’m having a girl. Is this because I always look like hell? I’m hoping not but it is a strong possibility. 12 hour night shifts catch up to you. 12 hour day shifts catch up to you. then flipping back and forth between days and nights is a toughie.

I do have a cute little “coming home” outfit picked out for the chance it is a girl. This includes, white denim shorts and a cardigan. OMG. Patrick and I went to register last weekend, which BTW was stressful and bless his heart he took me to baby gap. I could have died, all those little tiny clothes are so cute. I am pretty sure all he could think about was the dire state of our bank account and how it was only going to get worse.

So anyways, i am feeling good! The constant nausea has passed, but now I am hungry all the time. Now i am moving into the whale stage of pregnancy and i’ve still got a long way to go. oh well, grow on little baby, grow on. Although it would be nice if my ass would stop getting bigger, that is already big enough. The fact that it is girl scout cookie season is really not helping matters.

The doctor still thinks i’m crazy, which is nothing new.

I have been craving brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts recently. as weird as that is.

Baby is kicking away, im pretty sure earlier today i actually saw the TV remote move because it was resting on my belly.

I have tried listening to the heartbeat with my stethoscope. I couldn’t hear anything, but i sure looked like an idiot trying to hear. good thing i was home alone.

Im still sleeping ok, but i get uncomfortable in the middle of the night. I wake up and realize im sleeping on my back or somehow i am mashing this giant belly. Therefore I have to pick myself and roll over. It gets complicated, trust me.

The ultrasound went well and the doctor says it all looks good! We got a 3D ultrasound and I swear Homozel who we have now shortened to ‘Zel looks just like Patrick when he was a wee one.

We still have no names picked out and the only baby things that are in our house have been purchased by others. So our child has one outfit, thanks Kpo!

I figure we will have it all worked out by the time ‘Zel arrives. Also by the time of the arrival I hope to have figured out, which hospital I will be having the baby at and  which state we will be living in. Just minor details… Until then I will ask Patrick daily, um what are we doing next year?

For now here are some pictures of our little Zel’!Zel'1 'zel2

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It might be a bad thing if…

Is it a bad thing if your doctor tells you, “you should stay pregnant forever so you can keep entertaining me.” I can’t decide. I’m sure they talk about me when I leave that office. But the way I look at it, I cant be the worse patient they have and hopefully they think I am funny crazy not like crazy, crazy.

So our appointment went well yesterday. The nurse practitioner answered a bunch of my questions, regarding how things work at a rural hospital. I have been concerned about delivering at the hospital where my doctors are located. There is not staff in hospital 24 hours a day who can do c-sections, the doctors have to drive in if the need arrives. I was told they can be there within 15 minutes but that seems like a long time. There are no pediatricians or NICU staff on site if they baby has respiratory issues or needs resuscitation. Whoever is on call will be the one to deliver the baby, and that ranges from a doctor, to a nurse practitioner who will be just starting to deliver babies. I’m thinking we will be changing hospitals, we just need to make a decision… Patrick thinks i’m slightly neurotic and crazy, but like he said yesterday, he just doesn’t know what kind of questions need to be asked. Where I, thanks to nursing school am aware of all the things that can go wrong.

I get my 20 week ultrasound next Thursday, when my mom will be here! This would be where we would see the sex of the baby, but we are going to stay strong and not find out if little Homozel is a girl or a boy.  I just want to know that everything is ok, and the little tike is happy and healthy. According to the doppler yesterday the heart rate is 160 and we have a very active little baby on our hands. You can hear swishing movements and thats the baby just kinda floating and moving around. I can occasionally feel these movements, some days more than others, but i do enjoy feeling movement it lets me know things are ok.

How far am I : 18 weeks 5 days today!

weight gain- sure, but only 2lbs more than last time I was there, yay for that! and my pants still fit.well, my maternity pants still fit.

movement: yes! most days i feel at least something, but its not very consistent. The NP said yesterday that they don’t worry about kick counts until around 28 weeks.

cravings: nothing in particular right now, but i could always go for pizza. Last week I would have killed someone for waffle house, or just anywhere that serves pancakes during the day. I was almost in tears because there was no where to eat pancakes.

Names: we cannot decide, and probably wont decide until this little baby comes out. Although I did pick out a coming home outfit if it happens to be a girl. Did you know they make newborn little white shorts. I could die they are so cute.

nausea: It has been soooo much better. Although Abby has had a bit of a tummy ache recently and pooped in the bedroom yesterday. I gagged while cleaning that up. Patrick was holding a shirt over my face as a mask, it was a site to see.

sleeping: still sleeping ok, nothing out of the usual for me. I always wake up thinking I have missed the alarm.

I think thats about it for now, i cant thing of anything else really interesting to share. Anyone have and questions? just leave a comment.

I like dogs, I just don’t like their owners

I have a hard time understanding how some people survive as long as they do. Most specifically, people who I am fortunate enough to share my apartment building with. A few weeks ago as I am doing laundry a woman walks in behind me, stands too close to me, and then proceeds to pull her laundry out of garbage bags and use the machines as I pull my clothes out. This is a problem for a few reasons.

a- she reeks of cigarettes and booze, in the middle of the day. To my Georgia people, think of what you smelled like leaving downtown freshman year, before the no-smoking deal started.

b-she was burping, loudly, as I am pulling my clothes out of the washer.


d-I have to eventually wash my babies clothes in these washers, and i am fairly certain her clothes carry diseases.

I have no idea who this woman is and why she was using our washer and dryer. I did what any sane person would do, I walked back to my apartment and called Patrick immediately and freaked out. Why is this homeless person in our building and why are they doing laundry? I wanted him to fix it immediately. From work.

Fast forward to this morning. I am in the elevator and here comes my laundry partner. Walking another one of our neighbors dogs. I guess they have a dog walker, and i guess she uses our facilities while she creeps around our building all day.

Here is where another issues arises. If your dog sucks and they are mean, stay away from me and my sweet puppy. Do not ask me to hold the elevator and then spend the five flight trip down wrestling the dog, saying “ she just has so much energy”. No she is crazy and she looks like she wants to bite me. Then when I am trying to walk back to the building after letting my dog go to the bathroom, STAY AWAY from me. Its like people here have no social skills, i should hold classes on how to be a human. I think that would be helpful. Of course I would have to give out cigarettes as door prizes to tempt people to come, but it just might work.

Last night as I am coming back from Subway and the grocery store where I purchased a foot long veggie sub, baked sour cream and cheddar chips, and peanut butter. Don’t judge me, I’m pregnant. I had another run in with a dog in the elevator. Abby my car riding partner and I were in the elevator, and the doors opened on our floor. As soon as the doors open, here comes this little shit of a dog who always barks and snips at Abby. Not on a leash, sprinting down the hall. She gets into the elevator, and starts to “attack” Abby. So i kinda toss this little dog up against the wall, all the while trying to keep Abby away from her and not get bit myself. Then the elevator door closes, and here I am with grocery bags, a purse, an 80lb golden retriever, and this little dog who i would love to punt across the hall. The owner finally makes it down the hall and the doors open, she picks up her dog and Abby growls at the dog almost knocking me down in her attempt to get away. The woman looks at Abby and says “whoa!!”… I wanted to punch her in the face.  So i say, “well, your dog just attacked her.” and got out of the elevator, pissed not even looking at this woman. Had this been the first time with this dog, it would be one thing. But this little dog is always on a retractable leash, fully out at 7 ft and she always barks and snips at Abby and the owner just kinda says, oh stop it. Hey, dumbass get your freaking dog under control. My dog is cowering against the wall. Again, i rush down the hall to home and start reliving the event with Patrick. He is pissed, and lord knows what he will do when he sees that woman and her dog again. He is already rude enough to her because he disagrees with her dog handling skills and choices. I wonder why we only have one set of friends here at this apartment, mostly because we dislike everyone else that lives here.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My brother-in-law, the photog.

So my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law came to visit for new years! We had so much fun and it was such a relaxed visit. We went to bar-harbor and Acadia national park. I am so glad they came to visit.

Also, the BIL happens to be a bad ass photographer. You can check him out at He does weddings and portrait secessions. I am so excited for him to take pictures of our little Homozel when the baby makes its debut. You should check him out. for real.

so here are some pictures he took while they were here visiting, and I have to say he makes this state look pretty good. also, he makes our dog look even more awesome than usual if that's even possible.


1166091063_qQxyQ-S 1166095354_iyHy2-S 

1166113771_32VhG-S  1166115665_WVkmp-S  1166122567_mE2sP-S  1166125038_yjG4Z-S

1166141641_Y5JZC-S 1166097699_82EBU-S


alex pic 1 

alex pic 2